Cattle Herd

Our meat is slaughtered, processed and stored in strict accordance with all United States Department of Agriculture standards and under the purview of a full time USDA inspector.

Our slaughtering is done in the field using a Mobile Slaughter Unit (MSU) that visits the member’s farm at his or her request. The MSU (pictured above), with now over three years in service, is the first such facility in North America. Using this method to process  the animals reduces the stresses associated with the gathering, transporting and holding in stockyards and processing in commercial slaughterhouses. The USDA inspector accompanies the unit and the butcher(s) to the farm.

After butchering the carcasses are transported in a cooler, integral to the MSU, to our Bow processing plant where proper aging takes place, in the case of beef a minimum of two weeks.

After the aging is complete our professionally trained plant staff cuts, wraps and labels the meat in compliance with the farmer’s/customer’s requirements. Meat can be packaged in traditional meat paper wrapping or can be vacuum packed. The meat is then stored in our cold storage warehouse awaiting pickup by the owner.

Butcher Shop

Retail Store

Our retail outlet operates under the name Northwest Homegrown. It is located together with our meat processing plant in Bow and it is currently open from 10am to 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

The store is a great place to get acquainted with natural meats and from there you can discover if you value the meats we provide.  Quantity purchases are also possible.